Patient Journey

Enquiries received through email, telephone or fax will be answered by an IPS representative.
BInformation Collection
In order to understand your needs and provide timely feedback, your personal information, medical history and records will be collected. Records collected may include physician notes, discharge summaries, diagnosis, operation records, laboratory/radiology results, medication orders and allergies. Information collected will be assessed by a panel of doctors who will triage the case to the right expertise.
The proposed treatment plan will be communicated to the patient. Teleconference can be conducted subject to suitability of the case and doctor availability.
A budget estimate based on the treatment plan for the patient will be provided to you. Kindly note that an administrative fee will be applied for using our International Patient Services. Full payment based on the budget estimate is required prior to provision of medical care.
Information regarding visa application, temporary accommodation and transportation will be provided upon request.
FCare Management
A care manager will be assigned to you upon your arrival at the Hospital to take care of you through the patient journey.
Assistance will be provided to patients and accompanying family members if your visit requires hospitalisation.
HHospital Discharge
Continuous nursing care outside of hospital can be arranged for discharged patient. The IPS can also offer assistance to patient when s/he is ready to return home.